Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frames Part 1

Here is another DIY project.  I only have part of it done, but thought I would share with you what I have....

Part 1: Dry Erase Frames
Part 2: Magnetic Frame and Frame Display (coming soon in Frames Part 2!!)
First gather your supplies: Frames with Glass (we got ours from Michaels).  We picked out 12x12 frames, but you can get anything you like.  Paper to match the size of your frame.  My sister had 1 sheet in each frame.  I bought an All Seasons pack, because I wanted to change mine each season.  You will also need either Alpha stickers or you card stock if you plan to use a Cricuit or other way of getting cardstock letters. (sorry for the bad photo... i forgot my camera and had to use my phone).
Our supervisor for the project (phone pic)
This project is fairly easy... First, just pick out your paper.  This frame has 12 pieces in it, 1 for each month.  This frame is actually done... Since it has the months written on each page, I didn't add stickers.  This is my Monthly Events Frame.  I will write any important dates we need to know for the month (birthdays, holidays, etc.) (phone pic)
My sister bought stickers and put them on her pages before sticking them in the frames. (phone pic)
Here is one of her finished frames! The other frame is going to be a Notes board.  She used stickers to put her and her husbands name at the top and the boys names at the bottom.  It is a red wine color paper.  She has them side by side near her kitchen phone.

Here is the finished Menu board... I chose not to put the days of the week on mine.
I also did a Countdown board!

And a To Do Board

Use some Dry Erase Markers and write right on the glass.  Easily wipes up with a towel!
Here you can see the countdown board has been temporarily changed to a special Christmas countdown.  This was a page in my All Seasons pack and I thought it was cute.  Next year during November the countdown board will be changed to a I am Thankful for... page.  That is the great thing about these frames... you can change them out.  The possibilities are endless.
These two boards will go in the middle of the other four.  The top one will be a picture of Chad and I.  I just ordered a picture from our wedding for it... although it won't stay that for long.  Each year on our anniversary we are going to take a picture with us holding the picture from the year before.  That picture will be in that frame.  The bottom frame will become a magnetic board (coming soon).

Here is how they will be set up.  I am waiting till all 6 are done before I put them on the wall.

 Stay tuned for Part 2 of the project.  The estimated delivery date for the picture is 12/1 (Just in time for our anniversary picture on 12/4!).  But I want to get the magnetic board done before we leave out of town Wednesday afternoon and the frames on the wall... so we will see.

I still have 3 projects to finish in the next few week... I am waiting for pieces for all 3 still.  One is the Give Thanks board, I am waiting for the envelopes I ordered to arrive (supposed to be by Tuesday).  The second is my Christmas card wreath.  I am waiting for the clothespins to arrive (supposed to be by Wednesday).  The last one is my advent calendar... the box apparently shipped but the tracking feature isn't working...  Hopefully it comes tomorrow.

I would like to get 1 or 2 of these done before we leave Wednesday... but I have an expressive test in ASL 1 Tuesday night... so most of Tuesday will be spent practicing for that.  Monday I am watching Dvan.  Plus, I still need to finish the laundry and cleaning that didn't get done today because I was wrapped up in my craft projects.  Also got to pack, not only everything I need for our trip (we are going to Branson with my father in laws family for Thanksgiving and won't be back till Sunday) but also the food we need... If it sounds like I have a busy few days this week... I do... which was why i wanted to get these projects done and posted today!

Hope you have enjoyed them... if you attempt them I would love to see your pictures!  I don't think I will be attempting any more craft projects this year, but would love your ideas for some simple (still learning) DIY projects for the new year.  I still have to finish getting all my new systems ready for the New Year... can't believe 2011 is almost over!

I have been getting a lot of pageviews for my craft projects... I would love some comments from you all... Even if you just say "hi!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I quite understand what you're making ... you describe it as magnetic, but what makes it magnetic? And what good would a magnetic menu be? You want to write on it, right? I'm confused ...

Kristina Burke said...

The magnetic Frame is coming in part 2... to hopefully be posted later this week. Part 1 is Dry Erase Frames. The Menu, To Do, Countdown, and Special Day Frames are not magnetic... they are dry erase. The magnetic Frame is not finished (modpodge takes some time to dry). Here's a hint... there is no glass with the magnetic frame, you can't write on it either....